The Flight: Pros and Cons

It could have been much worse, I’ll admit. Getting seated was the most stressful part because my carry-on didn’t fit under the seat, and my seat was way too low for someone who’s only 5’8”, which meant my knees were above my hips instead of at 90 degrees; it’s the #1 worst position for my sciatic nerve pain because the smaller the angle, the more pressure is put on my sacrum. I sit on it as it is! It’s a very frustrating and complicated healing process, having to sit on my problem. However, I have never encountered such sweet flight attendants in all my flying. British, they all seemed so eager to help; one immediately brought me a pillow so I could sit up higher, and about halfway through the flight another let me lay on my sacral ball on the floor in the middle of first class where there was room. During the flight I was very good about getting up and walking around in attempt to keep mobility and blood flow. Thanks to my great setup from my PT yesterday, I was able to manage pretty well and I’m not in a crazy amount of pain. 

They served drinks right away, and about two hours in we got dinner. I had the chicken pesto, but I’m not exactly sure what part of the chicken it was because it did not taste very good. But the cheesecake they brought did! That was a surprise. They also came around after dinner asking if people wanted tea or coffee, which is definitely a British thing. I chose tea, and got to drink it in a cute little mug while I watched Ratatouille


It’s was very strange to me when they served breakfast towards the end, since it was 11:38pm my time. On my tray was Greek yogurt with granola, fruit, and this amazing croissant with a mysterious heavenly filling. I chose coffee this time, because it’s only going to be 9:30am when I get there and I’ll have a whole day ahead of me! We’ll see how long I last before I crack. 

I sat next to a very sweet older couple, Kit and Sue, who were flying home after visiting their kids in L.A. They were ecstatic to learn I was studying theatre and proceeded to tell me how great it is in London. They also told me I had a beautiful name. 

The flight path surprised me and I got to fly over some cool places despite not being able to see them. Leaving SoCal, we flew over Vegas, Salt Lake City, Wyoming, North Dakota, Ontario, Greenland, the Atlantic, Ireland, and landed in London! The path was much more “upward” than I thought; we didn’t go near the East Coast. 

At the end of the flight, Sue asked a flight attendant if they would be bringing around “sweets”; two minutes later she returned with a little roll of “Love Hearts” for all of us, which resemble the ones we eat in America for Valentines Day. Another fun British thing I suppose! 


Getting off the plane, I headed through customs and found a Rep from FSU to take me to the bus! I’m on it right now, ready to take in the sights of a new country for the next hour. I can’t wait to see my friends. London, here we come!

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