Harry Potter Studio Tour

Wow! Today was my most exciting day in London so far because I got to tour the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio! Filled with the exact sets and props they used for the movies – not to mention they actually filmed in those buildings for 10 years – the studio takes around 4-5 hours to navigate through if you’re not reading any of the signs and ignore the gift shop. I did not ignore the gift shop…they had fizzing whizzbees and Ravenclaw socks…I was powerless, okay! Roaming around looking at everything was absolutely breathtaking, and I actually teared up when I got to see the giant model of the Hogwarts castle. I’ve loved Harry Potter since 3rd grade and have read the series 4 times; you could most definitely categorize me as a die-hard fan. Like Disney, there is something so wonderfully magical surrounding the franchise for me (and many), so it was a dream come true to visit the studio, as a fan and an actress. It also just so happens that the publisher who took on J. K. Rowling’s first HP book is around the corner from my flat! I’m worn out from my adventure and my face hurts from smiling all day. Walking through Gringotts, Diagon Alley, Dumbledore’s office and the Forbidden Forest will do that to you! Here’s an abundance of photos for you all 🙂

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